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Products For Creating A Body To Keep You Energized & Healthy.

Products That Are Similar To Dr. Sebi's.

Goddiss Cell Food Nutritional List

Here at Goddiss Cell Food we have created our version of Dr. Sebi's food list. Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide has been a life saver for me and my family.  I hope to continue to provide my customers with the same good knowledge on the best non hybrid foods as recommended by Dr. Sebi himself. As we know a good healthy meal is yet another key to great health when using our herbal products. You like many others can find his guide online. Please enjoy our version of his food list. Please download your copy.


Create The Healthy Body You Deserve...

By adding Gut & Cell Cleanser and Natural Energy Plus to your body you will be providing your body with the power it needs to maintain the energy levels it needs to keep you healthy. As well as removing unwanted waste to keep you moving like the child you once were.

Our Mission Statement

At Goddiss Cell Food we plan on providing our customers with the same herbal quality that was brought me and many other by Dr. Sebi.  We will be bringing you herbs from Africa, Jamaica and many other topical areas from around the world. We will be introducing new products like Natural Iron Plus, Gut & Cell Cleanser, Calcification Remover, Green Food Plus, Natural Energy Plus, Male Testo Plus, Female Estro Plus,  Bladderwrack Irish Moss Plus, Mental Focus Plus, Natural Cancer Support and Sugar Diabetes Support. With these products that are similar to Dr. Sebi's you will be able create your own cleansing packages on purchase our pre-made packages like our Small Cleaner Package which is similar to Dr. Sebi's Small Cleansing Package or you can choose one of the many other packages that are available on our website.   Our Small Cleaner Package contains: Natural Iron Plus which is similar to Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro, Gut & Cell Cleanser which is similar to Dr. Sebi's Chelations 2 and Natural Energy Plus which is similar to Dr. Sebi's Viento.  As with all our products it's just that easy to put you a package together that is similar to the ones you've enjoyed before.  We will provide our products at a low cost that can be reached by you your family and friends. I would like to thank you for choosing Goddiss Cell Food as your source for the herbal products you need.

Thank You,

Goddiss T. 

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