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Goddiss Cell Food has been created to serve good people such as you my family and friends. And in doing so we plan on carrying out the good standards of quality and traditions as set by the late great Dr. Sebi himself. By following his teachings here at Goddiss Cell Food we have create products that are similar to Dr. Sebi.  As a former customer of Dr. Sebi's I have decide also to make available Cell Food products. that are similar to Dr. Sebi's like his Bio-Ferro, Chelations 2, Viento, Lymphalin, Endrocrine, Bromide Plus Green Food and many others. We have provide you with unrestricted access to our nutritional list which you can download in PDF form which is located on the Home page of our website for free without you having login or sign up in order to get it.  And yes we too have located great quality herbs from various vendors from around the world. In order to bring you the best in herbal products at a low cost.

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Goddiss T.

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